Acrylic Painting 101


Practice what you learned in the Intro to Acrylic Painting class to develop good painting habits.


You’ll paint a simple scenic and :

  • Practice setting up your work area and palette
  • Practice mixing colours
  • Practice shading and toning colours
  • Use various brush types to understand when to use them
  • Use various painting techniques to understand when/how to use them
  • Clean brushes and learn how to store / dispose of leftover paints


When:  Saturday, April 14

Time:  11:00 – 1:15ish

Cost:  $65 (includes all supplies)

Level:  Beginner (Ages 12 to Adult)

Prerequisite:  Intro to Acrylic Painting workshop

Note:  This workshop is recommended as a follow-up to the “Intro to Acrylic Painting” class but is not a requirement for those wanting to register for ongoing lessons. This class will be offered each month. “No Shows” are not refunded, credited, or carried forward to another class. Please dress appropriately for messy projects. Class size is limited. REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  APRIL 12


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