Impressionism Style Landscape Painting


Enjoy an afternoon painting a colourful scenic in the style of the “Impressionists”!

The “Impressionists” violated the rules of academic painting. They constructed their pictures with small, thin, visible brush strokes in pure, thick colours – not blended smoothly or toned to achieve realism. They were trying to portray the “experience”; the vivid colours and broken brush strokes depicting light, energy and movement.

We’ll work in the comfort of the studio, using a reference photo. You’ll go home with a completed 8×10 painting! 


When:  Saturday, May 25

Time:  11:00 – 3:00 (BYOLunch)

Level:  Beginner – Intermediate, Youth (14+) to Adult

Fee:  $89 + GST (includes canvas, paints, and all supplies)

Note:  Class size is limited to just six people; by registering you are reserving your spot so that no one else can register. “No Shows” are not refunded, credited, or carried forward to another class. Please dress appropriately for messy projects. REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  MAY 23, 2019



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