Art Classes


Art classes offer a positive and inspirational place to learn skills, socialize, and build a sense of pride.

The process of making art involves imagination, design, problem solving, specific techniques – and ultimately, creating something that is unique and personal to the artist. Students are involved in the entire process, from concept to a completed work of art. Students learn techniques and build skills as they work, which motivates them to stay focused and finish what they set out to do. (Projects typically take 6-8 weeks to complete.)

Classes run throughout the year; students may renew their term every 4 weeks, or pay one annual fee. Class size is limited, and therefore I can only allow those who are passionate about art to join our class. I teach on an individual basis in a class setting; a small group offers inspiration and support to individuals.

Beginners are required to take the following 6-week programs: Intro to Drawing; and Intro to Acrylic Painting. You may register for these programs online. If your skill level is beyond beginner, I ask to meet to discuss your goals and to assess your skill level. You will be asked to bring in samples of your artwork. Please contact me to set up a time to meet.


Art Classes with Lisa Powers

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                  ✤     Art Lessons for Adults / Seniors


                  ✤     Art Lessons for Teens 


                  ✤     Art Lessons for Kids (10-13)



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