It Smells Like Opportunity

Title: It Smells Like Opportunity

Series: The Four Seasons

Media: Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 14″H x 11″W (35.5 x 28 cm)

I love it when the atmosphere seems to stand still, the sky white and misty, and it smells like snow is about to fall. I also love it when you just know that opportunity is right around the corner; you can sense it, and you’re ready to go for it!

While this series depicts the West Coast landscape it also symbolizes my journey as an artist – the leap of faith to quit working to become a full time artist and signing the lease of my first commercial art studio, the lessons I’ve learned while owning a business, the struggle and determination to keep it alive, and the sense of pride I feel when I’ve accomplished something. In all this, I am trusting that I am on the right path while searching for the right opportunities to come along. I will walk through the forest, rest my hand on the vast trunk of a favourite cedar, and whisper my thoughts, hoping for a break through – a sense of clarity as to what to do next. I plan, I improvise, I push through and am rewarded for my effort. It took four years to get to this place. Four years of witnessing the seasons change while staying true to my vision, protecting my investment, watching it grow.

Price: $300


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