Lisa Powers’ Year-end Art Exhibit

I’ve been working on a new series for my first annual show & tell.

I’m excited to show off the works I’ve been creating since January! A whimsical series titled, “The Four Seasons” depicting our West Coast landscape. The series includes 35+ mixed media pieces, hand-crafted in a variety of colours and sizes. (Read more about the series below.)


If you like the expressive works of Vincent Van Gogh and Emily Carr you’ll appreciate this series.


Saturday, November 17 & Sunday, November 18

10:00 – 4:00


The Loft Studios:  20458 Fraser Hwy., Langley



I feel fortunate to have grown up on the West Coast (British Columbia) where one can observe the four seasons. We can experience the bloom of Spring turning into the heat of Summer and then when the temperature cools the leaves change colour in Fall. Come Winter, we are indulged with just enough snow.

While this series depicts the West Coast landscape it also symbolizes my journey as an artist – the leap of faith to quit working to become a full time artist and signing the lease of my first commercial art studio, the lessons I’ve learned while owning a business, the struggle and determination to keep it alive, and the sense of pride I feel when I’ve accomplished something. In all this, I am trusting that I am on the right path while searching for the right opportunities to come along. I will walk through the forest, rest my hand on the vast trunk of a favourite cedar, and whisper my thoughts, hoping for a break through – a sense of clarity as to what to do next. I plan, I improvise, I push through and am rewarded for my effort. It took four years to get to this place. Four years of witnessing the seasons change while staying true to my vision, protecting my investment, watching it grow.

I thought it appropriate to pay tribute to this journey. The series represents the birth and growth of my career. I carefully chose titles for each piece to describe “the four seasons” of this exciting  (and sometimes scary) adventure. How hope blooms and opportunities abound (Spring), how I’m rewarded for my efforts and I’m recognized for my talent and skills (Summer), the realities of economy and the sacrifices I’ve made to pursue my passion (Fall), and recognizing when to lay low and strategize for the coming year (Winter).

My goal was to create 30 – 40 pieces for my first annual year-end art exhibit. I’d never created a series with so many pieces – and in all honesty,  I wondered if I’d grow bored after the first ten pieces! But with each one I became more in love with the process; it was so satisfying to watch how the paints interacted with each other and to manipulate them for some stunning effects. I allowed myself to explore different methods, and experimented with a variety of colour combos, all the while honing my technique until I felt comfortable making larger works. I am proud to announce that I’ve reached my goal! I look forward to showing off my new creations!


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