Lisa Powers’ Year-end Art Exhibit

Inspired by my stay on Salt Spring Island

This new series, titled, “Someday”, offers snapshots of our West Coast landscape pared down to simple lines and form. The series includes 10+ acrylic paintings in a variety of sizes. (Read more about the series below.) Select pieces from my 2018 series, “The Four Seasons” will augment this exhibition.


Opening: Saturday, November 30th  7:30 pm

Sunday, December 1st  10:30 – 4:00


The Loft Studios:  20458 Fraser Hwy., Langley


Please Note: Opening night is for adults only. Children are welcome to come Sunday!



Every one of us has hopes and dreams to pursue, some day. We say, “Someday, I’d like to do it.” Too often, “someday” never comes. While I’ve been actively pursuing my art career, I’d let other things slide. My social life, my health, and activities outside the realm of art were put off for “someday”.

Now that my business is thriving, it is time to declare that “someday” has come! As a way to celebrate and rejuvinate my body / soul I booked a week-long stay on Salt Spring
Island, in a cabin in the woods. I attended artist workshops, visited the galleries and gift shops, explored the forest and beaches, read books, and completed four painting studies. I took many reference photos to take back to my studio, and there, the series, “Someday” was born.

I started this series late in the year, as my adventure to Salt Spring Island didn’t take place until the end of August. I had only a few months to create new works for my year-end art exhibit. So this year’s series is limited to just six works on canvas and six painting studies on paper. I plan to continue the series into the new year.


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