On My Way


Title:  On My Way

Series:  Someday

Media:  Acrylic on Canvas

Size:  16″x 20″ (40.6 x 17.5 cm)

Every one of us has hopes and dreams to pursue, some day. We say, “Someday, I’d like to do it.” Too often, “someday” never comes.

While I’ve been actively pursuing my art career, I’d let other things slide. I’d sacrificed a lot while building my business. My social life, health, and activities outside the realm of art were neglected, put off for “someday”. Now that my business is thriving, it is time to declare that “someday” has come! It is time to find balance in my life. I’d worked 5 years without taking any time off, so the first thing I did, was book a week away to explore Salt Spring Island. It was beautiful! I attended artist workshops, visited the galleries and gift shops, explored the forest and beaches, and completed 4 painting studies. I took many reference photos to take back to my studio, and there, the series, “Someday”, was born.