Welcome to my virtual studio!

I’ve worked hard to create a series of easy-to-follow videos instructing you how to paint. (You wouldn’t believe how many days it takes to create a 5 minute video!) You can work at your own pace by pausing the video when you need to catch up, or take a break. If you have any questions you may email me and I’ll reply as soon as I can. 
I hope you find these videos valuable and you will continue your creative journey!  


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1 – Seeing and Painting Values

Learn how to “see” values from light to dark. Set up a still life draping with directional lighting, and paint with step-by-step instruction.




2 – Paint a Simple Object

Learn how to set up a still life with directional lighting, and practice your blending technique by painting a simple object, such as a cup, vase, apple, etc., with step-by-step instruction.




3 – Paint a Simple Landscape

Learn how to interpret perspective with values from light to dark. Learn how to compose a painting for optimal composition. Practice the techniques you’ve learned in previous videos while painting a beautiful landscape from a reference photo, with step-by-step instruction.


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